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For Supercapacitor – Powder

Process & Application
Roll Temperature: Max. 180℃ (Oil Heating)
The materials of inorganic substance, carbon powder, special polymeric particles are pressed with high temperature rolls.
Three or four unwinding shafts release the web through the main presser and the web is complex pressed under high temperature. The rewinder winds the web with the control of tension and EPC unit after pressing.
Product serial number
Product description
Model No. Standard Configuration Heating Roll
Roll Size(mm) Width of Web(mm) Max. Pressure(T) Max. Speed(m/min) Pressure
Servo Valve 2-way Constant Pressure
WDHY200/300/300-NDH40-HZ φ200*400/φ300*400/φ300*400 100-300 70 10
WDHY200/300-NDH40-HZ φ200*400/φ300*400 100-300 70 10
●------ Standard Configuration;△------ Option
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