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Accuracy & Features:

  1.  Run-out of Roll≤±0.002mm; Target value≤±0.0015mm
  2.  Max. Line Speed 140m/min; Tension Control ±5N
  3.  Combination of pressing and slitting
  4.  Highest Cost/Performance Ratio 

Structure & Features:

  1.  Square-shape casting stand
  2.  Single motor/Double motors drive
  3.  Max. pressure 600t; roll gap adjusted by servo motor; Close-loop pressure control/Roll gap control
  4.  Effective Roll changing unit; Preheating system; Splicing Unit
  5.  Easy and smart operation with less failure 

Parameters of Roll:
  1.  Material: Cr3 high alloy steel
  2.  Hardness HRC≥65; Cr plating, WC plating
  3.  Hardening depth: 18-22mm
  4.  Radial Run-out≤±0.001mm; Straightness≤±0.001mm
  5.  Roughness Ra0.2~Ra0.01

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