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  Xingtai is located in North China and southern Hebei. The Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railway, Beijing-Kowloon High-speed Railway, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau, Daguang, and Taihangshan high-speed running through the north and south; Xinghe, Xinghuang Railway, Xingheng, Xingfen, Xinglin Expressway and Qingyin Expressway traverse east and west, forming a transportation hub with Xingtai International Inland Port and Xingtai Airport.

  Xingtai has the title of "Ancient Capital of Five Dynasties and Xiongjun County of Ten Dynasties". It is the first city in the history of North China and one of the earliest ancient capitals in China.

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